Fine Arts Education:

1996 – 2003:

The Art Institute, Filderstadt, Germany / The Art Institute, Stuttgart, Germany

2007 – 2013:

IB University Stuttgart, Germany / Creative Pedagogy and Art Therapy – B. Sc.

2010 – 2014:

L’Ecole Européenne de Psychothérapie Analytique (Eepssa), Strasbourg, France – Psychotherapy

2009 – 2013:

Società Italiana di Biosistemica, Bologna,Italy – Biosystemic Psychotherapist

2011 – 2013:

HKT University Nürtingen Germany, Art Therapy- M.A.

2013 – 2016:

Doctorate candidate at the National University of Arts, Bucharest, Romania

2016 – :

National University of Arts, Bucharest, Romania- Ph.D.


Grants and awards

- 2014- German Representative on the exbhibition at Museum of Contemporary Art Bogota, Colombia

- 2013 German representative at – The Nacha Artists Contemporary Art International Symposium Project , Chiangmai, Thailand

- German Representative, Sasaran Art Festival, Selangor, D. E. Malayesia

- Artist in residence MSZANA DOLNA, Poland

- German Representative at The Contemporary Art Exhibition at HABU harbor, Izu- Oshima in Tokyo, Japan

- Artist-in-Resident – Imagining the Book II. International Biennale, Alexandria, Egypt

- Artist in residence at University of Czestochowa, Poland

- Artist in residence at Sculpture Park UMENIA,  Liptovský Mikuláš,  Slovakia

- Artist- in- Resident Tokyo Denki University, HIKI, Saitama, Japan

- German Representative, 1st International Art & Science Festival, University of Patras, Greece

- German Representative Incheon Women Artists’ Biennale, Incheon, South Korea

- Artist in residence at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, UMASS, USA

- German Representative The first international Art Book Symposium in Cairo, Egypt- curator Mohamed Abdoulnaga

- Artist- in- Resident International Artists Colony of Debrecen, Hungary

- German Representative the 6th Seoul International Book Arts Fair, COEX, Seoul, Republic of Korea.

- 2nd Prizes of the Intercontinental Biennial of Small Graphics „Inter-Art” Aiud / Romania the IInd edition, June 26 – 29, 2008

- German Representativ- Bienale Dak´Art 2008 Dakar Senegal OFF PROJECT- Gallery Kemboury

- German Representative the 5th Seoul International Book Arts Fair, COEX, Seoul, Republic of Korea.

- German Representative of the KOEDO Kawagoe Live Art, Japan

- German Representative, Ithaka, Greece, Art Zervas Productions

- German Representative, Guadalupa Biennal, Mexico 2007

- German Representative, II. Debreceni Nemzetközi Művésztelep-Art Colony Debrecen, Hungary

- German Representative, Art colony – Baia- Mare, Romania

- German Representativ- Bienale de CUENCA Ecuador 2007

- German Representative invited by jury to the 8th International Book Art Festival – TIME – Lodz, Poland

- Special Guest at a pavilion dedicated to celebrities of international art movement in the Cairo International Biennale 10th Session Egypt

- “HONOURABLE MENTION”- National Museum – Accra/Ghana

- German Representative- International Book Biennale -Année int. L S SENGHOR- Senegal

- Artist-in-Resident the Art Centre, Bombay, India

- German Representative – BOOK ART Exhibition in SEOUL South Korea

- German Representative- E.U.  Cultural Council Grant – Project with “Orient Gallery” Amman- Jordan

- Scholarship the Salzburg Academy, Painting at Jacobo Borges

- Scholarship „International Artist Colony“Baia- Mare, Romania